Missing Pieces

For my 29th birthday my brother gave me a 2000 piece puzzle of a landscape. It was breathtaking. And upon building it, I found that it was also rather difficult. With all the trees and such. Still I enjoyed the challenge of building this puzzle. Every day brought a sense of accomplishment as I add the pieces to reveal the picture.

I finished the puzzle last week. It was a great sense of accomplishment.

But there was another emotion lurking in my heart…


You see, even though I have completed the picture there were still some pieces missing. 5 pieces to be exact. So the mission, if you will, is completed but not entirely to my satisfaction.

This got me thinking about Moses in the Bible and how God used him to talk to Pharaoh. More than that, God used Moses to perform all the plagues in Egypt. Truth be told, as harsh as it may seem, God didn’t in fact need Moses to lift his staff to plague the land with frogs.

No, God chose to have Moses be part of the picture. God never needed people but He likes to have us part of the story. To be part of His story. You see without us, He will finish the puzzle but it will be incomplete…