I’m only human

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“911. How may we be of service?”

“I’m phoning from 22 Hendel street.”

“Yes sir? What is your emergency?”

“These people…they have too much…stuff. Too much stuff. It’s not right. God says it’s not right.”

“Excuse me sir? Did you phone us because people have to much stuff?!”

“They have to pay…”


Dial tone.

People screaming.


There are numerous people who kill others under the blanket of religion. They look at the world around them and feel that God is telling them to get rid of the evil that they see. To get rid of the sin of the world.

But no matter how many people you kill, you will never be rid of sin. Even God tells us that all people sin. And I am starting to think that He didn’t say this accusingly but more with forgiveness and grace. On the one hand I think He said this so that you can stop beating yourself up every time you sin and on the other hand so that you can be more forgiving towards the people around you.

The truth is even if we all went on a rampage to kill every murderer, thief and the like, we will still not rid the earth of sin. Each one of us carries sin and we do so in private.

We might not all sin the same, but we all sin. So instead of focusing on the evil in the world, why not shift your paradigm to all the good in the world.

Embrace the beauty of a sunrise.

Watch a young boy offer up his seat to an elderly person.

Observe the love of a couple who has been married for over 50 years.

Remember: we are not our sin. Yes, there is bad in people and people do messed up things. But, there is also good in people and you know what? Sometimes the “truly messed up people” just need someone to remind them of that.


3 thoughts on “I’m only human

  1. I don’t understand… what the 911 call has to do with the message of the blog? does the observation of too much stuff meant to relate to those of us “who judge others” ?

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