Seize the moment


That’s what my cellphone tells me. The day has long gone to bed. I should probably do the same.


Sleepy but awake. With my teeth brushed and comfortable pj’s on, I lie in bed. Thinking.


There’s something running on the roof. And there is something having a real feast on my stomach. That something is my dear friend Stress.


I don’t know if you know Stress, so let me introduce you: 3 Months ago Procrastination and Laziness got married. They had a lovely honeymoon – sitting on the couch flicking through channels (not really watching anything), spending time on Social Media for hours on end and having many afternoon naps. A month into their marriage they became pregnant. With twins!


It wasn’t long until Stress and Worry were born. Still being infants they were adorable – just a bit of butterflies in the stomach. As they grew up they’ve made a couple of friends – Sleepless Nights,Nervousness and the beloved Anxiety Attack.


Stress grew up and has now come to live with me. And tonight Stress has invited Sleepless Nights and Anxiety Attack for a sleepover…


If only I’ve never became comfortable with Procrastination. If only I didn’t allow Laziness to take up so much of my time…


But here I am. Sharing my bed with Stress and Anxiety Attack. Giving up space on my pillow for Sleepless Nights. I’m aware of unfinished tasks and yet another unproductive day.


The first light of morning comes through my curtains and gently strokes my hair. With the realization that so many opportunities have been within my reach to seize,

I get up,

get dressed,

make myself a good cup of coffee

and plonk down on the couch. It’s time to watch the repeat of Desperate Housewives


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