The Human Race…

So this is it. Here I am. 28 and facing my High School Reunion. (Sigh)

18 year old me still told all of our friends that not only will she see them all again in 10 years, but that she is looking forward to it… Well sweetie, we’re finally here and I am not looking forward to it.


Well, the answer lies within the invite:

“To the class of 2004. 
This is it! We are inviting you and your family to join us on this ostentatious event.
Can’t wait to meet your loved ones and find out what you’ve been up to all these years”

Within the fringes of the golden words on the purple paper, it stares back at me. The same thing that has been there for every test. Every athletics meet. First baby. Baby’s first steps. The day Baby learns to use the big potty. It walks with you each step of the way… even up until the day you die.

The Human Race.

Isn’t it ridiculous how we feel compelled to compete against each other…all the time? 

From a simple gym class in Primary School all the way to how many people cried at your funeral. 

Our car isn’t good enough, unless it’s better than Bob’s. 

Our spouses aren’t good enough, unless they look like Brad and Angelina.

Even our bodies aren’t good enough, unless we look better than the neighbours.

And our funerals? Well, we don’t care how much people liked us. We just care about the numbers: “Chris only had 400 people at his funeral? What a shame…That’s why at my own funeral I will have an open bar for the men and an open casket for the ladies…”

Yesterday I played the music at a funeral of a truly inspirational woman. She couldn’t care less about competing. She just cared about doing things because you love it and doing your best for GodAnd in this, one would find true happiness.

We need to stop.

Stop competing.

Stop comparing our lives to others. 

Stop being in a race.

And start to live joyfully.