What do you see?

When you look at this picture, what do you see?


Some would say that the cat seized the moment to do his business and is being disrespectful.
Others would say that the cat is the Hurst – seeing as he is the reason why there is a funeral in the first place.

Because the artist didn’t specify the theme or message he is portraying, any interpretation will do. In this case it’s all fair game – no one is wrong.

This got me thinking.

We are all human. But we are all different.

We’ve all had different life experiences. We have different dreams. Personalities. Perceptions.

So why then are we up in arms if someone differs from us?

Why are you so easily offended when someone doesn’t like the book you’ve deemed the best book ever? In her not liking it, does it mean that the book should now be of less value to you?

Personally I believe that we should embrace people being different. And more than that, be inspired by people who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Instead of shutting people up or boxing people in, why not allow them to challenge you to stop trying to fit in.


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