#21 Utter Randomess – Mine and yours

“Can’t you just be normal?”

The question came from across the table.

Was brought to my ear through the Nokia speaker.

It has even found it’s way in a letter.

Okay, I will entertain this question for a bit. I will be “normal” if you can define it for me.
What exactly is this “normal” that I’m so desperately asked to be?

And for that matter, why does my “utter randomness” bother you so? Is it perhaps that it touches on the longing that you have to break free from the “normal” box?

We have all heard the phrases:

“Be yourself, everyone has already been taken”

“Why be a copy when you can be an original?”

But yet we are scared to fully be ourselves. We are scared of being pointed at and called a freak. So we just remain in our “normal” boxes. Living but never really being alive.

You’ve asked me: “Why can’t you just be normal?”

I want to ask you:“Why can’t you embrace your “utter randomness” and just be you? Who knows, you just might like it.” 🙂

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