Someone who has made a BIG impact on me recently…

Dear Kind Stranger,

On the 13th of July I woke up feeling stressed.



Let me back up a little…

The 12th of July was the day I felt the need to express my insecurities and longing questions to a couple that I trust. I opened myself up to them thinking that they love me. Thinking this will be the place where my words and stories will be nurtured and welcomed. Where my heart will find safety in the warmth of their comfort.

But unfortunately I was met with fiery words and soul piercing questions. So when I left their house, my initial questions (“Should I go for this opportunity? Will I be good enough?”) was replaced with (“Who am I kidding? I’m not good enough”)

On the 13th of July I went through my message one more time: “Do we really love God? Or are we just scared of going to hell?”

Then the time came to speak. And 2 minutes into speaking, I started to break down and cry. Delivering the rest of the message through sobs.

I could feel the couple looking at me with eyes that said what my heart felt – “You have failed”

But after a week you’ve send me an email that told me something else. It told me that I was worthy to deliver the message. That God has spoken to your heart through my broken words.

Your kind words made me realize that even when people don’t deem you worthy enough, God has a different scale. And for Him, you are worthy.

So thank you, kind stranger.

You said that I’ve brought your love back with my words.
You’ve brought my voice back with yours.



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