My favourite film quote of all time…

For those that know me quite well know that I can be in my head too much. Sometimes my visits are frequent. Other times my visits are prolonged. But no matter how long or how frequent these visits are, they always rob me of the present…

For example, I might be in a conversation with the guy that I love. We are brushing through some topics. Passing through some stories. And all is going well, until

“You’re not very street smart, are you?“, he chuckles. “But that’s okay…”

To be honest, he did carry on with the conversation and I suppose I did give an appropriate nod where it was called for. I might even have said “hmmm” – the sound one makes to show that you are still listening. Which I wasn’t… 

You see, my head got stuck on “you’re not very street smart, are you” and I zoned out of the conversation. In fact, those 7 words sounded completely different in my head. It sounded more like he was saying:

“Goodness, you are really immature. And possibly dumb. Oh, and for some good measure, let’s add the fact that you are getting fat…”

How absurd right?! This wasn’t what he was saying at all! This is what he was saying:

“You’re not very street smart, are you? But that’s okay. I don’t mind teaching you. In fact, I would love to teach you. I love you and don’t want to see you being misused.”

So in conclusion, I need to be in the moment to allow it to take my breathe away. And not be inside my head busy giving myself a complex…

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