What makes me laugh more than anything else :)

#1 Foot in Mouth

“Girl” meets his grandparents for the first time. (Gulp). It’s really important for her to make a good impression. She really likes this guy and want him to keep her around.
They go out for lunch and all seems to go well. She makes a couple of jokes. Ask inquisitive questions about how they’ve met. Try to eat the curry without messing…
And THEN the dreaded question : “What does your brother do for a living?”
“….he is into sales”
“Oh. Fascinating. What type of sales?”
“Oh…as in children’s toys?” 
Fail. Disappointment hangs in the air. “Girl” has to redeem the situation. The toy shop that her brother works at sells more than just toys for children. They sell crafts, radio controlled cars, puzzles, brain twisters, party decorations, board games etc. 
In one final attempt to impress them, “Girl” says: “No not just toys for children…adult toys
“Girl” just gave them the impression that her brother works in a toy shop with  an Adult World section!! She should have left it at “he sells children’t toys…”

#2 Male Massage

“Girl” is working as a receptionist at a beauty salon. Her job consists of answering the phone, making appointments and opening the door for uptight costumers who are in desperate need to relax.
Her  etiquette for meeting and greeting people is exquisite. She is also very capable of handling the appointments, payments and (sometimes) complaints.  answering the phone is a bit of a challenge for her – she can decipher what the clients want (massage, manicure etc.) but their names seem to escape her. And people don’t seem too eager to repeat their names for the fifth time…
It’s then that it dawned on her – what if she just asked them to spell their names? That way she can make sure that she not only knows what their names are but she will also have the correct spelling.
Brilliant Idea.


“Good-day, Avalon Day Spa. How may I help you?”
Oh? A massage? When would you like to book that for?”
“Fantastic. I have booked you for Friday the 24th of July at 13h00. Susan Fletcher will be your therapist. You can come in 15 minutes prior to your appointment so that we can sort out some paperwork. Can I please have your name?”
“Sorry, would you mind spelling that for me?”
” It’s BEN. B-E-N!!!!”

What makes me laugh more than anything else?


The “Girl” with embarrassing moments…
…and a size 6 foot in her mouth 


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