Day 8 A Love Letter to my Pet Hate

Dear Zoning Out,

We have come a long way, you and I.
You were there when I got my first Barbie.
When I got my first bike.
Even when I got my first boyfriend.

You were there when the world was alluring and new. Taking my first step. Saying my first word. Even using the grown-up potty for the first time. You were there. Filling my head with dreams and stories.
As I grew up and exchanged my dolls for make-up, you took my head to new adventures. Some lasting a couple of minutes and others (to the frustration of my family) would even last for a couple of hours.

We’ve had many adventures… which makes what I’m about to say very difficult…

Zoning Out, I need to break up with you. Even though I have enjoyed our time together, I am a woman now. I can’t afford to spend so much time with you anymore.

My days are crammed with deadlines and commandsWith people demanding my time. Lessons and teachings need to be planned. Dances need to be rehearsed.

It’s not you, it’s me. 

I love our times together. But I need to discover what I would be like without you. I need to start focusing.

If you want, we can still be friends?

Curious Cat



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