Day 6: Doors and Windows…

You have probably heard the saying:
“Love like you’ve never been hurt”

Sounds like something out of a fairy tale. No matter how many times Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Snow White had their hearts broken, they always seemed to love their “Prince Charming” as if their love was new. Like they’re loving someone for the very first time. As if their love and trust haven’t been broken. Or mislead. Or thrown away…

Once upon a time, I used to love with all of me. Keeping all my doors and windows open. I’ve even had a Welcome sign at the door of my heart.

Many “Prince Charming’s” have come and gone. Some not wiping their feet on my welcoming mat before entering my heart. But mopping up some muddy footprints does not exactly leave a woman scorned and scarred.

There was, however, one Prince Charming that took care of my heart. He took of his shoes before coming in. My heart was his home for many years.

The rooms that I was most ashamed of, he never judged. He would just sit there and take it all in. As time went by he offered to help me clean the windows of my heart so I can have a better outlook on life.

I was happy. Having him inside my heart felt like a fairy tale. It felt like I was about to embark on my happy ever after.

And then the unthinkable happened…

He locked some of the rooms I was so ashamed of for he could no longer look at it.
He covered my windows so that I could not see the other hearts he frequently visited.
He stopped taking his muddy shoes off at my door…

After he left I could no longer leave all my doors and windows open. I locked myself in out of fear of being hurt again. When people came to visit, I could only allow them onto my threshold…

I stopped to clean the rooms. To mop the floors. I even stopped opening the windows to let some fresh air in. My heart was now full of dust and darkness. No longer the loving home which it once was…

But my story doesn’t end here.

Last year a “Prince Charming” came along. After pursuing me with persistence, I started to allow him into my heart. With care and gentleness, he helped me to mop the floor, wash the windows and clear the cobwebs. And those rooms that I was so ashamed of? Well, he did go in. And he did not just visit those rooms. He cleaned all the stains, fixed the cracks in the walls, repainted the ceilings, refurnished it, sorted through the baggage and did all that he could until I was no longer embarrassed to leave those doors open.

“You’ve been hiding this away for so long,” he said. “But this doesn’t make you ugly. It makes you you.  And you are beautiful.”


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