Day 5# As a Dental Receptioinist

Mmmmfgmmmf“, comes the muffled good morning from across the desk.

“Well, good morning to you to Mr Adams. The doctor will see you in 15 minutes. Please have a seat.”, I say with my Colgate Whitening Smile.

This is the basic conversation I have every day. Good morning at times changes to Good Afternoon and even to Good Evening (depending on how busy Dr Carter is).

My job is pretty much routine work – greeting new patients, making appointments, sorting out the payments and making coffee. Day in. Day out. Week after week.

So what makes my job worth it?

I see people coming in who has lost their joy. People who’s smiles have been stolen. I see brokenness. Shame. And in some situations, I have even seen self-loathing.

If someone breaks his hand, it does not make him feel ugly. If a knee is bruised, it does not make a person stare at the floor in fear of catching a judgmental eye. But break someone’s tooth and they try not to talk too much or too revealing. An abscess in a person’s mouth? This steals precious sleep, joy and self-confidence.

You see, day in and day out I meet people who are broken and ashamed. But after a couple of hours or sessions I get to meet a whole new person.

A person with a smile that doesn’t need to be wiped off after being exposed

A person who can talk openly and freely.

My job is not just about penciling in appointments or doing follow-ups. 

It’s about giving people back their self-confidence
Giving people back their smile.


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