One of my greatest fears



I’m the kind of girl who is comfortable in a t-shirt and a pair of “fat pants”.  Or in a pair of sweat pants going for a jog. Even the very uncomfortable ballet leotard doesn’t make me break out in sweat.
The kind of girl that comes alive when the clock’s “tick-tock” beats down the reminder of time running out.  That once again I have left something for the last minute and now there is no time for creativity to flow out of me. No. Now it needs to spontaneously combust out of me.

I am comfortable with a lot of things. But the one thing that makes me quiver and feel insignificantly small, is heights. It seems to have the same effect on me as the Hof (the stud I’m dating) – just one thought of it makes my knees go weak and sends my heart racing. I’m not comfortable with heights.

However, it’s not one of my greatest fears.

My greatest fear is that I step up to the plate…
I plunge into the unknown…
I accept the challenge…
I give it my all…
And then I flake out.
I … fail.



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